Nima Denzongpa Cast Real Name, Colors New Serial, Actors Name, Starting Date, Timings, Story

Nima Denzongpa is an Indian TV serial that will be telecast on Colors TV. It will replace Namak Issk Ka serial. This serial is produced under the banner of Peninsula Pictures. Nima Denzongpa cast includes Surabhi Das and Akshay Kelkar in the lead roles. 

Nima Denzongpa Release Date

Nima Denzongpa This serial has been release date of this serial on Colors TV is 23 August 2021. and its first promo has been launched on 28 July 2021. this serial will be broadcast on Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM.

Nima Denzongpa Serial Details

Here is some information about crew, starting date, timings & more of Nima Denzongpa.

Serial NameNima Denzongpa
StarringSurabhi Das
Akshay Kelkar
EditorGanga Kacharla
Parmesh Kacharla
Written byAnantika Sahir
Produced byNisar Parvej
Alind Shrivastava
Directed bySangieta Rao
Sakshat Dalvi
Background MusicSarthak Nakul
Starting Date23 August 2021
Channel NameColors TV
Production HousePeninsula Pictures
Running Time20 to 22 Minutes
TimingsMon to Fri at 9 pm

Nima Denzongpa Cast

Colors TV serial Nima Denzongpa Serial Actors/Character real name:

Real Name
1Nima DenzongpaSurabhi Das
2Suresh Kumar ManeAkshay Kelkar
3Madhavi ManeUsha Naik
4Tulika ManeSharmila Rajaram Shinde
5Naari ManeSukanya Baruah
6Manya ManeSonakshi Batra
7Siya ManeSushmita Singh
8Varun ManeSneh Mirani
9Manya Mane (Neema-Suresh’s daughter)Ravya Sadhwani
10Siya ManeAsmi Deo
11Suresh’s friendChandrahas Pandey
12SarlaChaitrali Shankar Rode
13Mrs. GoenkaBhairavi Vaidya
14Dinesh GoenkaHetal Puniwala
15Suman GoenkaShweta Gautam

We will keep updating the cast list of Nima Denzongpa. 

Nima Denzongpa Actress Name

Nima Denzongpa serial actress name Surabhi Das will be seen playing the character of Nima Denzongpa. And Usha Naik will play the character of Madhavi Mane. Sharmila Rajaram Shinde will be seen playing the character of Tulika Mane. Sukanya Baruah will play the Naari Mane character. Sonakshi Batra, Sushmita Singh, Ravya Sadhwani, Asmi Deo, Chaitrali Shankar Rode, Bhairavi Vaidya, Shweta Gautam, Nishi Saxena will all be seen playing the role of these actresses.

Nima Denzongpa Story

The story of this serial is about a girl named Nima Denzongpa who is from the Northeast India part. Sikkim. Nima falls in love with a young man named Suresh she moves to Mumbai with him. Nima faces discrimination there as she is from Northeast India. Even her husband mother is not ready to accept her as daughter-in-law. The story will then follow on the difficulties that Nima faces and how with the help of her husband and with her trust she wins the hearts of the city.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 – When will this serial be released Nima Denzongpa?

This serial Nima Denzongpa will be released on 23 August 2021.

Q2 – Who will be the cast in this Nima Denzongpa serial?

The cast will be seen in this serial Surabhi Das, Akshay Kelkar in the lead roles. Apart from this more cast will be seen in supporting characters like Usha Naik, Sharmila Rajaram Shinde, Sukanya Baruah, Sonakshi Batra, Sushmita Singh, Sneh Mirani, Ravya Sadhwani, Asmi Deo, Chandrahas Pandey, Chaitrali Shankar Rode, Bhairavi Vaidya, Hetal Puniwala, Shweta Gautam, Abhishek Mohan, Prabhat Chaudhary, Nishi Saxena all these stars will be cast in this serial.

Q3 – Who is the director, producer and writer of this Nima Denzongpa serial?

In this Nima Denzongpa serial is directed by Sangieta Rao and let’s talk about producers Nisar Parvej, Alind Shrivastava and writer Anantika Sahir.



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