Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series Cast (PrimeShots) Real Name, Crew, Promo, Starting Date, Story & More 2022

Mrs Teacher 2 web series is being seen very soon in India that too in Hindi language. And the genres of this web series are Drama, Romance, Fantasy.

The promo of this web series has been released on YouTube channel PrimeShots.  Very soon its trailer is also going to be seen. PrimeShots currently brings one web series every week. PrimeShots is featured for Young Generation Content for people aged 18+. You can watch all the episodes of PrimeShots online. But there is a reason why you cannot watch old or new web series by buying them without their subscription plan.


PrimeShots’ last few released web series are Dil Do, Malkin Bhabhi, Bahu Jaan.  Makers has released the promo of the web series but the audience is waiting for the web series. Right now the release date has not been announced but when the trailer will come out then the release date will be announced from the trailer.

Which actors and actresses will be seen acting in this web series is going on in your mind. Mrs Teacher 2 Cast Aliya Naaz, Ayesha Kapoor will play the lead role. The other cast will be seen in the supporting role.

Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series Release Date

Mrs Teacher 2 web series release date is coming very soon. You can watch this web series online on PrimeShots. The promo has been made available on YouTube channel and also on PrimeShots app on 14 August 2022.

You can watch the web series trailer for free. If you want to watch web series then you need a subscription plan for the PrimeShots app. You can install the PrimeShots app from Google Play Store. The web series will be done for 2 episodes. Episode has a time length of 43 minutes. This web series will be made available to the audience in Hindi language.

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Mrs Teacher 2 PrimeShots Web Series Details

Here is some information about crew, release date & more of Mrs Teacher 2. 

Web Series NameMrs Teacher 2
StarringAliya Naaz, Ayesha Kapoor
GenreDrama, Romance, Fantasy
Written byNot Known
Produced byNot Known
Directed byNot Known
Edited byNot Known
DoPNot Known
Available OnPrimeShots
Total Episode2
Running Time25 Minutes
Released DateAugust 2022
Production HousePrimeShots

Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series Cast

PrimeShots Web Series Mrs Teacher 2 Actors/character real name:

  • Aliya Naaz 
  • Ayesha Kapoor 
  • Sourav Jain 

Aliya Naaz 

Aliya Naaz

Ayesha Kapoor

Ayesha KapoorWe will keep updating the cast list of Mrs Teacher 2. 

Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series Actress Name

Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series Actress Aliya Naaz , Ayesha Kapoor  will be seen.

Mrs Teacher 2 Story

Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series

Mrs Teacher 2 The story is between a teacher and a student. Where this Alia Naaz writes in the teacher board Mrs Teacher and a student says can I come in to the teacher.

This student also comes in l whatever his teacher has written Mrs Teacher this student Ayesha Kapoor is playing the role of a student and writes in the board so that Mrs Teacher 2 is completed.

Apart from this web series both of them were seen together in Seal 4. In this web series the explosion of both of them will be seen between the students and the teacher. To know the full story watch through the PrimeShots app.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 – When is the Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series releasing?

Ans. August 2022.

Q2 – Who is the cast of the Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series?

Ans. Aliya Naaz, Ayesha Kapoor in lead roles. and the other cast is in support.

Q3 – Who is the writer of the Mrs Teacher 2 Web Series?

Ans. not revealed.

Q4 – Where will the Mrs Teacher 2 Web series be online?

Ans. PrimeShots app.



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