Basanta Bilash Messbari Cast (Colors Bangla) Real Name, Crew, Promo, Starting Date, Timings, Story & More

Basanta Bilash Messbari will be launched in India in Bengali. in this you will get to see Comedy Drama. Main Cast Kanchan Mallick, Arpan Ghoshal and Nandini Dutta will be seen playing the characters in this. This serial has been made under Shree Venkatesh Films.

Basanta Bilash Messbari Release Date

Basanta Bilash Messbari This serial will be broadcast in Colors Bangla and its timing is not timing yet and it will be released online in Voot. And the release date of this serial is in November 2021.


Basanta Bilash Messbari Details

Here is some information about crew, starting date, timings & more of Basanta Bilash Messbari.

Serial NameBasanta Bilash Messbari
StarringKanchan Mallick
Arpan Ghoshal
Nandini Dutta
GenreComedy Drama
Produced byNot Known
Directed byNot Known
Starting DateNovember 2021
Channel NameColors Bangla
Online Streaming PlatformVoot
Production HouseShree Venkatesh Films
Running Time20 to 22 Minutes
TimingsNot Known

Basanta Bilash Messbari Cast

Colors Bangla Serial Basanta Bilash Messbari Actors/character real name:

Real Name
1Not KnownKanchan Mallick
2Not KnownKamalika Banerjee
3RahulArpan Ghoshal
4MahuaNandini Dutta

We will keep updating the cast list of Basanta Bilash Messbari.

Basanta Bilash Messbari Actress Name

Both these actresses will be seen Kamalika Banerjee, Nandini Dutta.

Basanta Bilash Messbari Story

Basanta Bilash Messbari The story of this serial is like this Basanta Bilash All the women gather all the way to climb in their dreams and the story is depicted like this one person is looking for hot water in the morning time another person is looking for bath  and a female person drops water on a person’s head due to water scarcity.  Twist starts coming in the story, musician Rahul and gorgeous Mahua fight for water, in the beginning, both of them fight and in the end they both fall in love and another test starts coming in the story, a problem starts coming one day. Promoter shows a knife to take possession of the house. Everyone gets scared in the beginning and at the end all the members become a team and fight with the promoter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 – When is Basanta Bilash Messbari releasing?

To be released in November 2021 will it be possible.

Q2 – What is Basanta Bilash Messbari Cast?

Kanchan Mallick, Kamalika Banerjee, Arpan Ghoshal, Nandini Dutta will be seen as the cast in this serial.

Q3 – Basanta Bilash Messbari Who is the director, the producer and writer?

The name of the director of this serial did not come to the fore and the name of the producer and writer also did not appear.

Q4 – Where will this serial Basanta Bilash Messbari be available online?

It will be seen in Voot online.



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